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Backstage with Daryl Braithwaite

For more than 40 years, Daryl Braithwaite has been at the heart of Australian rock ‘n’ roll. In the 70s he had us singing to the triumphant pop classic ‘Howzat’, in the 80s we were getting down to ‘One Summer’, then in the 90s came ‘The Horses’, a solid feel-good Australian anthem. We caught up with Daryl to ask him about A Day on the Green, his new album, and the most outrageous thing he’s ever had a fan do. Continue reading

Spring has Sprung

The quiet serenity that settled over the vineyards during winter is now slowly lifting as the warm sunshine gently coaxes the vines back to life. Springtime in the Hunter Valley is enjoying a crisp glass of wine and listening to music drifting on a warm breeze as you relax and take in the serene countryside sprinkled with bright green leaves across the vineyards.  It is the prefect destination to take a break from our often hectic daily lives, and enjoy the myriad of events and concerts coming up in the Hunter Valley.

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