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Siobhan Curran

Siobhan Curran

We are thrilled to introduce our Novocastrian Ambassador Blogger, Siobhan Curran, a talented foodie with a healthy appetite for all good meals tried and true, but with a hunger for recipes shiny and new!

Siobhan doesn’t claim to have grown up being fed straight out of the CWA book, with meals perfectly presented and finished with a dollop of cream whipped to perfection.  Rather, growing up in a busy family with four siblings, she is the expert in eating simple meals, complete with a scoop of trusty Neapolitan ice-cream. After her seemingly 200th serving of steak, chips and veggies, Siobhan was determined to break the cycle of the no-fail meals. Her weapons of choice, an apron, mixing bowl and unwavering determination to become a culinary master.

Siobhan’s passion for creating gourmet cuisine stoked her career as an apprentice chef.  However, after developing an allergy, Siobhan took to the books and studied Nutrition. Siobhan became an Editorial Coordinator for donna hay magazine and eventually a Brand Manager for magazine titles such as Vogue, Vogue Living and Inside Out.  But trying to pry cooking from her life was like removing muffins from an un-greased baking tray, virtually impossible!

While on maternity leave, Siobhan set herself the challenge of cooking one recipe from her collection per day, and so, her culinary passion was again unleashed. Using her blog,, Siobhan showcases not only her own recipes, but also the gourmet delights that she encounters on her foodie experiences.

Her blog serves up hearty editorial and scrummy recipes, with a dash of humour and sprinkled with clever cooking tips. Best served with regular visits, and shared with friends and family.

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