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Billy Law

Billy Law

Stop the presses, Billy Law (yes, that’s right, Billy Law from Master Chef 2011) is one of our fabulous new bloggers for the Hunter Valley. With his talent for genuinely beautiful food photography partnered with his passion for cooking and all things gourmet, we think he is a perfect Ambassador to share his experiences in the Hunter Valley!

For those of you who (somehow) missed Master Chef 2011, Billy Law is now one of Australia’s top food bloggers. His blog, A Table For Two (, features some of the best eats from Sydney and around the world with drool-worthy food photography that you need to see to appreciate his photographic skills. Seriously, go and have a look, it’s really amazing.

In 1996 Billy moved to Toowoomba, Queensland to further his studies. Thousands of miles from home cooked meals, he picked up a spatula and a wok and his passion for cooking began.

With his Asian background and the influence of western culture, he has been exposed to some of the most spectacular cuisines from both worlds. Billy is a bit of a culture buff. He is always on the go, travelling to different countries, exploring cultures, submerging himself in the sights and sounds of the culinary world.

Like to know more? Follow Billy’s culinary adventures at and tempt your tastebuds with his delectable blog entries and photography.

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