Lisa Perkovic – Bullhorns and Biodynamic

When we drive into Krinklewood Estate on a wet Hunter Valley morning, there’s a peacock posed majestically on a vine post. He sends out a bugle call, the screech heading out towards the Brokenback ranges. It’s answered from across the property, past the ivy-covered cellar door and vegie patch, by another peacock. As he ruffles his back feathers, I’m almost expecting to see Hugh Hefner walk out of the cellar door and lean on one of the giant urns at the end of the driveway. Krinklewood is a beautiful property; a Provence-style homestead and cellar door set next to a big wine-making barn. We could be at a high end estate in France or on the outskirts of Tuscany. Continue reading

Summer in the Hunter Valley

Summer is here and the vineyards are full of luscious green leaves and rich brown earth with the promise of another harvest of the Hunter Valley’s best. Summer time in the Hunter Valley means relaxing with friends, enjoying the great outdoors and discovering some of the season’s activities and spoils.

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